Monday, August 5, 2013

Preparing for The Winter

The first week of August is usually viewed as a time for summer vacation,yard work and possibly getting the children ready for the upcoming school year.However,many people also view this time as a great time to start preparing the house foe the winter time. Many of this work can include weeding the flower beds,pruning trees and bushes or general yard work. However its important to start many of the chores related to upkeeping the house. Painting the outside of the house(if needed) and repointing brick and stone work is best done before the weather starts to get too cold. Its also a good time to make sure that the storm windows are in good repair and ready to help keep oy the cold winter air. Late summer,early fall is also a good time to start tuning up and cleaning your heating system. While this is an expence, this work will help extend the life span of this system and help lower fuel consumption. Also,it might be a good time to have a home energy assement for your house offered by programs such as Mass Save. This program offered by the utilty company will provide the home owner an assesment of their home and free CFLs,water saving shower heads and a thermostat. These free tools if used correctly can save costs associated with water,electric and fuel costs. Many home owners will also receive insulation and air sealing at greatly reduced prices. This work can help reduce heating costs and help the house feel comfortable. Aside from saving money on heating and cooling expences, this work will help increase the value of your house. Since many people are involved with other things during the summer time, its easier to get an appointment for a free evaluation

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