Thursday, March 24, 2011

Residental Landscaping

Landscaping is an often overlooked part of home ownership.A well landscaped lawn serves a wide range of benefits to the homeowner.During the nicer months it serves as a pleasant place to relax with friends and family. Use of well paced shade trees not only provides shade for quests,but can also help shade the house.While shading the house may not seem important,but shade trees keep the house cool in the summer and reduce cooling costs.At the same time,certin well placed trees and shrubs can help protect the house from cold winter winds and mitigate the need for higher fuel costs.Flowers can help make the house more attractive and bring in various species of birds and animals.Many people seem to enjoy the beauty of plants and having a wide range of birds and butter flyes  flittering around the yard.Not only are these factors enjoyable while living in the house,but well placed plants help increase the value of a house.In a time when home buyers are being selective about the homes they purchase,an attractive well landscaped house can increase home value and create a positive impression for the home buyer.