Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paying for Energy Efficiency UpGrades

Most of us aware that green homes help make our home envirement healthier to live in and if managed correctly can be more economicial to operate than a trditional home.However,many people do not go foward with energy efficient upgrades due to the added expence of materials and labor involved in this process.Granted this argument has merit,but there are ways to help off set these expences. In Massachussetts we have a program funded by the utility companies called Mass Save( This program provides a free home audit of your home and in many cases their representative will provide free CFLS, a programable thermostate and other devises that help reduce your electric an dheating costs. In many cases,you can be eligable for up to $2000 worth of insulation per house with you paying only 20% of the projects cost. Multi family homes up to 4 apartments can recieve this work and material for each unit. Many energy star rated appliances not only save water and electric costs,but may have a rebate to save on the purchase price. Low on no interest loans are available as well for many projects. Many of the larger projects and other energy efficieny work can also result in a reduction of your Federal and/or State Income Taxes. For further information look up or Google Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. Most projects still cost money but these programs,rebates,tax incentives and cost savings will help the projects pay for themselves