Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Green Rehab Projects

Many people that are considering creating a green home envirement usually look at big ticket items such as geothermal wells solar PV and heating or deep energy retrofits.While these projects do make for a more comfortable house and do lower the basic operating costs for the home.However,there are less expensive projects and methods of helping to green your home.The first step in the process should be to determine your goals and game plan for your project.many green projects can be done as part of a general rehab or remodeling job for the home.Basic projects such as insulation and air sealing the home are key factors in helping to create a modern/green home while lowering long term operating costs and expences.Other features such as low flow toilets fawcets and shower heads are other example of remodeling projects that can help create a green home.Hiring a NARI Contractor or other qualified contractor will help create such an envirement.Contacting and using web sites such as and are valuable tools in the process.Using these sites can allow you to garner free services or benefit from tax breaks.Using the programs through these websites can save money on the rehab project and lower yearly costs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Defining Green

Many people are looking to create a green home envirement. Their reasons vary from wanting to save various utility costs,create a more comfortable home envirement or have whats seen as a heathier home. These goals can be accomplished by different types of insulation, use of recycled materials, modern building techniques and use of efficient lights and heating systems. Other homes can become green by using some features such as insulation, using efficient appliances hot water heaters and heating systems.Others may use passive techniques such as CFLs double paned windows low flow toilets and properly landscaped yards.Other individuals will incorporate these features into their homes but will go further by using solar heating and electric use FSC Wood in new construction, use innovative designs in the remodeling and construction of their homes.
There are varying degrees of green that depends on which features are incorporated into the home.In order to accomplish your goals its important to look at the entire home and see how much money is budgeted for this process. Its also important to speak with somebody familiar with this process to develop an effective plan for creating a green home enirement.This person should be familiar with the various green products,understanding of building techniques and various methods of paying for these renovations including rebates and possible tax incentives.