Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Your Garden For the Winter

As the nites become longer and days get cooler,many of us notice that leaves on our trees and plants are starting to change color. This is part of the natural process where the plants are starting to rest for the winter.The sap for most plants will go into the roots so they are ready for their rebirth in the spring.While it may be anoying to rake up the leaves,many people will put the leaves and dead branchs into the compost heap rather than into the trash heap.This not only saves the expense of transporting away this plant material,but the resulting compost will recycle the nutrients for next years growth and help conserve water. While its a good idea to compost plant cuttings for the compost heap,please consider saving the flowers for such plants as Tick Seed,Cone Flower and Fruit from various other plants,The seed and fruits can serve for food for the birds and small animals such as squirrels that over winter in your area. Fall is also a great time to transplant many plants into their new location.Its also a good time to put bulbs into the groud for added beauty.Many bushes such as holly and yew bushes need to be wrapped in burlap and protected from heavy snow fall and ice. Its helpful to mulch the plants as well.This process helps keep water in the ground for plants use during the winter time. Each plant and gardens needs are different so its helpful to contact a local nursery center or garden expert

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Winterizing Your Home

Now that Labor Day is behind us,its a good time to start getting our homes for the winter time.A few easy steps can be taken to have a more comfortable home for the winter time and save some money at the same time. Gas or oil heating systems just like our car motor are mechanicial systems They both get dirty when used.Its best to clean and tune up our heating system.Its best to tune up the heating system prior to the heating season and clean the filters atleast once a month. If you have not already done so,consider putting in insulation and air sealing the house. These two factors help keep in the heat during the winter and help reduce drafts.Consider instaling a programable thermostate. This devise will help save on heating costs. If you live in Massachussetts,try contacting sure that the edges around your doors and windows are sealed as well.This will also help to block drafts and help keep in the warm air. This program funded by the local utility companies can help pay for the insulation and air sealing work. Planting evergreen trees such as yews and holly trees around the house can serve to block the cold wind that blows against the house and will make the house look more attractive. Following this advise is not a cure all,but it will save money by using less energy. While these activities require some time and money,if done correctly,they will pay for themselves over time and make the systems last longer and make the house more comfortable.