Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keeping Cool In The Summer

Many of us have taken steps in the winter time to help keep our heating costs diwn by using tools such as programable thermostats and keeping our heating systems tuned up.However,most of us do not realize that summer time in New England is another period where we spend a lot of money keeping our homes cool. Most of this money is spent running air conditioning units during the summer time.While this is helpful,many people have switched to using ceil fans as an energy saving alternative.Creating a draft in your home by keeping windows open(not while using the ac) helps vent out the warm air. Keeping blinds and window shades closed mid day will block out the heat created by the sun. Shading the ac units and the roof with trees are also great passive means to help prevent your house from the suns heating rays. Summer can also be a great time to take advantage of the free energy audit and other services offered by the Mass Save Program ( if you are going to purchase air conditioning units and other appliances,look for ones that are Energy Star Rated. They tend to have lower energy useage than other appliances and may come with a rebate. In any event try to keep cool during the summer

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